Friday, September 19, 2008

Paper Dolls

Paper Dolls

I would just like to give huge credit to my dear sweet sister-in-law (by the way I really dont care for this term...this girl is way more a sister then an in-law) Jen of All Things Jennifer. 

Last weekend Jen watched LittleA while Tim and I attended a family wedding. Jen had all sorts of great things planned to do with LittleA while we were gone...however a last minute emrgency change of plans had us packing a car, relocating Jen and LittleA and throwing another sweet babe into the babysitting mix.

With some very quick thinking, Jen grabbed the American Girls catalog that came in the mail earlier that day...the same one I scoffed at for the outrageous pricing...the one that was destined for the recycling bin.

And she created paper dolls out of all the catalog pics. LittleA was busy all night creating scenarios and handing out names. My favorite is the cowgirl she names Howdie. She is still playing with them a week later. I have to sneak them off to be mounted to some tag board to give them some staying power. Perhaps a mini theater is in order for these lovely gals.

Jen - you are a super auntie! We all love you tons!


Ashley said...

What a great idea! My girls would love this. Clever aunties are fabulous.

Dayna said...

Ashley - I agree. Clever aunties give tired mommies a time to recharge! I can very fondly remember amazing adventures I went on with my aunts!

Jen :) said...

I think of you sweet Dayna more as a best friend who happens to be married to my brother. :)

Thanks for the mention, A is too fun to play with I tell ya. She especially enjoyed playing with the one girl with the bowl of apples?

So many paper dollies to come with more catalogs!!!

Michie said...

What a cute idea! I think I even have an old American Girl catalog lying around here somewhere!