Thursday, September 18, 2008

Under The Sea

Under The Sea

A couple months ago I was on my computer late when my google reader popped up a new blog post from Jo at A Bit Of This and a Bit Of That. She was looking for pattern testers. I was one of the lucky two who got to try out her incredibly sweet mermaid softie! The pattern is called Serenity The Mermaid.  

Now even if the mermaid softie did not pique your interest you must go to her blog and see all the amazingly crafty ideas she comes up with to do with or for her wee one (and be sure to check out her cool idea for preserving some of your kiddos creations - art portfolio book). Plus she lives in Japan which means that on occasion you get to read about things ya may have never how to take a bath part one and part two.

The pattern is easy to follow - not to mention cute! And I picked up a couple new sewing techniques while working on this. There is a ton of flexibility in the design so you can alter each one to be unique. I can see myself making more of these for some of the little girls in our family. The best part was getting to pick the fabric and yarn..and yeah the adornments too! I do need to get to the store and pick up some glitter fabric paints though.

Here she is starting to emerge from the fabric. I just love how the hair looks in this one!

And here she is in the last photo I captured of her. 
Per the instructions she could use a few more adornments and I had yet to arrange her hair just so...but I was so excited to share her with LittleA that I used her to wake LittleA up one morning and she was very promptly whisked out of my hands! She is a very loved dolly who has lived through quite a few name changes in her short life time.
There are two more mermaids I would love you to check out. This one is Jo's (pattern creator) you can see photos of her in the newly created Serenity Mermaid Flickr pool. And this little lovely was created by Clare of Clare Corner - she was the other tester.
So head on over to Jo's new etsy shop and pick up a pattern for Serenity...there has to be a little girl in your life who would love one of these! And I hear they may be some more patterns to be added to the shop in the near future - so moms of boys bookmark her shop too. Jo's etsy shop also has adorbale buttons, magnets, pony holders and bento supplies.
And just look at this package that had me wondering all the way from the mailbox up the driveway...who could have sent me something...all the way from Japan! I bet I know who!! Jo - a huge thanks for the adorable package and the opportunity to assist you - this was truly a ton of fun!
How cute is that pony holder? I am going to deffinitly need to order more of these. I am thinking that they would be great for gifting rolled up baby blankets or tshirts and such! The fabrics are sooo cute - I am loving the sweet acorns. I was waiting to dig into the ribbon bag with LittleA...I know I saw something with little pigglets on it.


ashley said...

That mermaid is SO cute. It would be huge hit around here. Sadly I don't think I'm quite as talented at sewing as you :)

Lonely Paul said...
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Jess said...

adorable - i love her hair! the acorn fabric is so cute...

jojoebi said...

Thank you! What a lovely post :o)

Dayna said...

Ashley - you should just give it a go. I have only gotten to this stage because I kept giving it a go..and trust me I have a long way to still go. But if you enjoy it - the end result doesn't even matter :)

Jess - Thanks. Now I need a clever project for those acorns! Any ideas?

Jo - You are very welcome :) Thanks for stopping by!

Michie said...

I don't know how to sew at all, but I know my daughter would LOVE that mermaid!! She is very into mermaids. How hard is it for a beginner?