Monday, September 22, 2008

Unplugged Challenge - Hard

Unplugged Challenge - Hard

This weeks unplugged challenge theme was hard. It was really perfect timing for us. You see LittleA is enrolled in a swimming class. She was so excited to participate and the first week was a decent success. She hopped into the pool with the 5 boys that are in her class. She had a good time. Then the teacher asked her if she would like to try floating on her back - she said no...but she was still happy in the pool. Here is where I potentially screwed everything up.... One the way home I asked her why she didn't give floating on her back a try? She said she just didnt want too. I mentioned that it is ok to try something you might not be good at - and that was part of the reason why she was taking the class. We talked about trying everything at least once during the next session. She agreed and all seemed well. That was until last Wednesday. We arrived at the pool and LittleA was anxious to get in. We waited for the teacher and then she freaked out! She wanted nothing to do with swimming class. By the end I had coaxed her into sitting on the edge of the pool with her feet in - watching the rest of the class swim. I was so very frustrated with the both of us.

LittleA loves the unplugged challenge themes and I thought we could use this one to explore things that are hard to do. I started mentioning things that were hard for me and how I too have to try try again. LittleA mentioned that rocks were hard.....ahhhh yes, true but we are missing the point.

The week has included much discussion about things in life that are tough or hard. 

Tim helped LittleA float in our bathtub.

While camping this past weekend we walked to the creek and all threw rocks to see them was hard to learn and most attempts failed....but we tried and tried again - understanding sometimes it is all about enjoying the moment and not agonizing over the end results.

 Come join in the unplugged fun and see what other families have done this week.


Gottfredsen said...

I think it is a great lesson to show that some things are "hard" but worth doing. I hope that swim lesson get easier though. It is not always good to have everything hard.

So Smrt said...

So, I have a similar struggle with my daughter and eating. I talk and coax and reason with her about trying foods, and it usually ends up better if I just put the plate of food on the table and say nothing. You just never can tell what's going on in their little minds. I can sympathize! :0

Yelli said...

What a great way to conceptualize an unplug your kids project! Thanks for sharing. Like SoSMRT said, "who knows what is going on in their little minds sometimes?"

Michie said...

Sounds like the timing was perfect for a discussion! I hope the swimming lessons get easier. :)

Anonymous said...

Swimming for kids can be difficult indeed. It took Jaylene two sets of swim lessons to be comfortable in the water, and now she loves it.

Anonymous said...

I love how you used the "hard" theme to try and help LittleA understand that some things are hard/difficult and that's OK. Very original (and useful!).

I hope it worked and that the swim lessons are better now.

It is true that you never really understand their thought process and that they react unexpectedly to odd things. (Has happened to me many times with 3 of them, and STILL happens to me!)

It might take time, but it'll all sort itself out.