Friday, October 24, 2008

Falling for Fall

Falling for Fall

The nights have been crisp and so I have happily dragged out the down comforter. We have had the fireplace going non-stop for a couple weeks now. The season where wood stays piled up near the front door. Allowing us to linger in turning on the old radiators. Getting cozy under blankets with tea and a good book (which is one that is also getting me in the mood for the season).

Time soon to plant next years garlic - as I cook many savory dishes with that which we harvested this summer.

Wool sweaters and leaf piles. Warming the kitchen with pies. Warming the heart with family celebrations.


Jess said...

oh, i love this photo. captures fall just perfectly!

Dayna said...

me too. We got to have a go at it again this weekend. More on that with my football post :)