Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pumpkin Night

Pumpkin Night

As a child one of my favorite memories was watching special holiday cartoons. Tim and I were excited to sit down with LittleA and watch the Charlie Brown's Halloween movie - but it was not on and we don't own it...oppps. I checked NetFlix instant watch - no luck. We were going to try YouTube but we came across Garfield Halloween special. I don't ever remember watching that as a kid. The language was not great for a 3.5 year old and dead pirates aren't up LittleA's alley either...for crying out loud she hid in her room for 2 hours while the Verizon guy was here today.

Tim pulled a dad move and "oppps something must be wrong with the won't play anymore" and I swooped in with a "hmmm..I bet it is time to make Halloween cookies" I was inspired by the ones Jess made over at blue.speckled.eggs she used food coloring in the dough. I was interseted in trying this so we could avoid frosting so close to bed time.

LittleA made the last three and Tim and I will be arm wrestling to see who gets which of those little cuties in our lunch tomorrow. It was a little like Mr. Potato Head cookies. We may have fallen short on the movie - but the cookie-o-lanterns may become a tradition.

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Jess said...

they turned out great - i love that they have faces on them!