Monday, December 01, 2008

Advent Countdowns

Advent Countdowns
So today marks the first day of all our advent goodies. Here are some of the ways we have counted down to Christmas.

MET -  NYC Pop Out Advent Calender

Earlier this year I found the above advent calendar on my trip to New York City. In the course of the year I even managed not to misplace it. So today we open up day one and watch the splendor of the holiday in NYC unfold.

Book Basket
There is now a little red velvet lined basket with a plaid bow sitting on LittleA shelf. A Christmas elf promised to leave a holiday book each night for a bedtime story and help us countdown the nights. And of course I was not thinking the fear LittleA would feel at the thought of a little elf being in her bedroom....alas I had to reveal the secret - that I had promised the elf that I would carry out his plan as long as he promised to NEVER come in our house. He is also relaying to Santa that all presents should once again be left in the barn...Daddy will bring them in on Christmas Eve.

Knock Knock?
Who's There? Last year Little A's interest in jokes was growing just around the time of advent. I took our free standing revolving tree from Carlton Cards (2006 - bought and given to us as a gift by my mother and stepfather for Christmas) and set it on our dining room table. Each day we would open one door and take out that days magnetic ornament.

In addition to each days tiny magnet ornament I tucked in a thought bubble sticker with a new knock knock joke for each day. We made a habit of reading each one at dinner each night. Afterward little A would be excited to find the joke a home in her sticker book. This year I had good intentions for creating a magnetic puzzle from one of our family photos. That way every day we could take out a piece and try to assemble the puzzle on the fridge door. Ah...maybe next year!

Here Comes Santa Clause

This was Little A's very first advent calendar. I found a Santa clip art I liked and then superimposed some numbered circles to help with the count down. I then mounted the whole thing on a red piece of card stock and added a Christmas poem. Every day we added one more cotton ball to create his beard and hat. I hung the piece on a door and then put a handled wine bag with the glue and cotton balls on the door knob.I keep the finished piece with our Christmas ornaments and hang it up each year.
Send me an email or leave me a comment if you would like me to send you the document. UPDATE: Download a free copy here:
Santa Advent Copy                                                                                                                                                       

Happy countdown!


allthingsjennifer said...

I'm more afraid of the cotton balls!!! :)

Everything is so cute. You are such a good mama.

Happy December!

Queen B. said...

Wow, another awesome Advent idea !
Check out for another cool idea ! Yours are simply AWESOME !!