Thursday, November 13, 2008

Butter Making

Making Butter

Last week, for the Football Food Face-Off, I made homemade bagels. I figured with that amount of effort I should go the extra step and make homemade butter to go along side. I think that a few weeks ago I was reading Alexis Stewart's half of the Whatever Radio blog (Martha's Daughter - who has a great show on Sirius radio at drive-time) that is where I came across this article in the NY Times by Daniel Patterson. It was all about how to make and enjoy homemade butter.

I purchased organic hormone free (and costly) whipping cream and hoped for the best. I also referenced and followed the guidelines on the blog Cooking For Engineers. Check here for that butter guide: Making Butter - Kitchen Notes - Cooking For Engineers
Some of this was hard to photograph with the wacky light in the more sun streaming in this time of year. But here as the cream starts to become solid.
Here you an see the butter has formed and the buttermilk is at the bottom of the bowl. The best part is that the butter solid releases all the buttermilk liquid INSTANTLY - ALL AT ONCE. Good beater noises and then CRAZY liquid sloshing (all over the kitchen).
I used three containers of heavy cream. This is the amount of the buttermilk that was produced.
This is the part where I submerged the butter solid under cold water and kneaded out all the buttermilk. This step keeps the butter from going rancid.
And this is one of my pressies from Pittsburgh. This is a super fab butter crock. You keep cold water in the bottom and invert the crock portion filled with butter. The water then forms an air tight seal on the butter surface and keeps the butter fresher longer on the you can have spreadable butter at the ready. My bio major hubby was all excited to tout the butters hydrolytic properties (is that the right word??)

After filling the crock this is the butter I rolled and stored for future use. I can't wait to try again - with fresh herbs!!

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