Thursday, November 06, 2008

Football Food Face-Off - Week 9

Football Food Face-Off - Week 9

The Bills lost to the Jets this past Sunday. But my kitchen experiment totally won this week. The family and I decimated some homemade bagels so that we could do our part in the Football Food Face-Off. In case you are new to the blog - each week I create a meal or dip or drink that coordinates to the team the bills will be Challenging. We devour the meal while we root for our team to devour the competition. In the spirit of good fun - feel free to play along. Each week I try to post on Wednesday what I created and I leave space at the bottom of my post for others to link to their creations. No need to partake every week - play along when it works for you!

Okay - on to week 9....
Bagels are big in NYC and I have always wanted to try my hand at making some. This seemed like the perfect week to try it out. I had two recipes to work from. The first was an old Daring Bakers bagel challenge and the second was a blog that I stumbled upon last week. {insert side story}

There is a local author, Sheri Bell-Rehwoldt, who wrote a lovely childrens book titled You Think It's Easy Being the Tooth Fairy? LittleA and I really enjoyed reading about the obstacles the tooth fairy must overcome to make her rounds. So here is where the story gets networking is really making the world a smaller place. Through Linked-In I am linked to the local independent children's book store owner. She hosted an event where Sheri Bell-Rehwoldt came to the store and I believe she read her book and signed copies. So said book store owner is connected to I was checking out her profile the other day and noticed she had a couple websites and blog of her own. One of which is a blog about her adventures as a pastry cool is that. I checked out her blog...drooled over the pic of the chocolate cake bombes and then noticed her great pics on creating bagels from scratch. Funny part is I thought I should mention to her about the Daring Bakers because it would be fun to have another local DB member....but I chickened out thinking it may seem weird to leave all this crazy story about how I came to her blog on her blog - GOOD NEWS though she has since posted that she found the DB website and has joined - woo hoo! {back to your regularly scheduled post]

SO...I utilized the old Daring Bakers recipe and the photos from Sheri and created what I am about to show you.
 Proofing the yeast

Mixing by hand - I feared putting this dough in my mixer

Here is my dough all doubled up, bagels all rolled up, boiling, and seasoned ready to bake 
Here is the final product being enjoyed at breakfast last Sunday. Notice my nifty butter dish? Way more on that later - I made homemade butter for these bagels!

Tim also had some input for this weeks game - so in addition to the bagels we had Terra Blue chips and dip. This because whenever you fly "JET" Blue you get Terra Blue chips. So Jet Blue chips for our game against the Jets. The best part is that they are now labeling the bags as the official snack of Jet Blue.

Did you join in this week? Leave a link in the box below.


Sheri said...

Hi, Dayna!

You're so funny! Never be afraid to contact a fellow writer!! Good thing I have a google alert for my name that dumps into my email, or I might never have seen your post.

Your bagels look fantastic. ;-)

Can't wait for the next Daring Baker challenge!


Dayna said...

Hi Sheri -
Thanks for stopping by. I can't wait to see your DB challenges!