Monday, November 03, 2008

Unplugged Challenge - Flag

Unplugged Challenge - Flag 

Last year LittleA was obsessed with the Statue of Liberty. Around June of '07 she decided to be Lady Liberty for I set out to make a costume for her. She also insisted that her father and I play along too. So she said that I could be Betsy Ross and my husband was to be Uncle Sam. Yes a whole patriotic family...flag paraphinalia included! The costume have since been played with for a year in the dress up bin and have gotten much use. 

 On the eve of the election we will be dressed up and reading some of our favorite patriotic books.

Duck for President - Doreen Cronin

America Is - Louise Borden

D is For Democracy A Citizens Alphabet - Elissa Grodin

A Family of Poems - Caroline Kennedy

See other families and their cool flag projects here.

Join us for next weeks unpluuged challenge: Kitchen.


Crescent Moon said...

The costumes are great! What a memorable election this will be!

ScottChrisCoriCassiCali said...

Those are great costumes. My girls and a friend dressed up as a flag, standing side by side the Halloween following 9/11. On the back we was united...we...stand. It was my most favorite costume on them, ever. What a great year to do this too.