Monday, November 10, 2008

Unplugged Challenge - Kitchen

Unplugged Challenge - Kitchen

My brain is full swing in holiday mode. Plotting and planning all kinds of fun family time for the holidays this year. Giving much thought to keeping the holidays about what is important. Making the holidays more with less. We recently got a new television stand. As the old stand was making its way towards the front door it occurred to me that it would make a great play kitchen.

So this weeks unplugged challenge was an independent secret Christmas project for LittleA. This week I plotted and planned for the project and I hope to maybe get it assembled in the next week or so. While watching LittleA play in the living room with blocks I remembered all the odds and ends we bought for Easter. I rooted through the box and pulled out a few pieces that I can repurpose. Here are the pieces set out on my studio table for placement and planning.

 little faucet and knobs on left and three burners on right...oven knobs at bottom

close up of faucet - the piece on top is just to hold it together without glue for now
Last week LittleA and I took a trip to the goodwill and found a small stainless bowl that I will sink into the wood under the faucet to create a sink. More photos to come as the project progresses.
Places where I found inspiration:
Forty-two Roads: Check out her blog for all kinds of homemade creations from corrugated cardboard. Purchase her kitchen plans in her etsy shop

Snap Happy Mama: See her kitchen made from thrifty finds. I just love her tiled backsplash. My mom had the same trivet pieces in our kitchen when I was growing up.

Hyena in Petticoats: Saw the picture of her thrifted find and realized I had some wooden pieces laying around that I could create with.


Erika said...

Wow! That's ambitious! Very cool.

Jess said...

i loved reading this, as i'm in the midst of creating lots of different food softies for Ben's christmas present this year - a wooden kitchen. i can't wait to see the end product!

Crescent Moon said...

That is so clever! I can't wait to see how it turns out.

Anonymous said...

Great idea!

Gottfredsen said...

cool project.

Dayna said...

Erika - Thanks for stopping by.

Jess - I would love to see your food creations...I am debating what kind of time and patience I will have for some felt food

Crescent Moon, Julie, and Gottfredsen - Thanks for stopping by to see my UC for this week. Thanks also for the comments!