Friday, December 19, 2008

Happy HIbernating

Happy Hibernating 

I am feeling a little like the grasshopper over here...very busily prepping for the Christmas and New Year holiday. Yesterday I completed all the gifts be they handmade or purchased. I have successfully avoided the mall. I have not stressed over any of the homemade projects - they were all completed at a nice pace. I hope to continue at this pace into the new year. We have celebrated old traditions and created some new.

The snow is falling gently and steadily outside. Always seeming to purify the landscape. Shutting everything down - allowing it all to rest from a long summer. Preparing for the rebirth of it all in the Spring. 

Feeling the same pull - I am wanting to draw the curtains and watch the flakes while cozy inside near family. Holding close those whom I love. Celebrating together the year we have created and shared in. Preparing for the year that awaits. We received a card from someone special in our lives who wished our family the love that Mary and Joseph experienced that night long ago in a manger. It made me think back to the night that LittleA was born. Religious or not - it is hard not to want to celebrate that familial love. That instantanous bond when looking in a little ones eyes. So much to celebrate and be thanful for.

My hibernation has begun - or perhaps had already beguna  few weeks ago. A small blogging break as well. There is much for me to post about (all the fun goodies we have made and gifted this season) and I wont be gone for long. I look forward to coming back recharged from the time spent on what matters most.

A special thank you to all you blog readers and writers out there. You were a part of what made my year so wonderful. It is amazing to have such a special, resourceful, crafty, and smart group of families out there living and raising their children in a way that I can relate too. You have all served as wonderful inspiration to me and my family..

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Gift of Green said...

Same to you, Dayna. Looking forward to when you come out of hibernation!

jojoebi said...

come out and play....

something here for you