Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy "Auguration" Day

Happy "Auguration" Day

LittleA woke all smiles today and wished me a Happy "Auguration" Day as I prepped for work. She is staying home with her Daddy today as they watch history in the making. Above is her "Mr. Obama" art she created while I was making dinner last night. She beckoned to me..."Come see my Mr. Obama art.....he is so round because he just breathed in a lot of air"

Yes...I think I feel the country taking a deep breath today as we stand shoulder to shoulder to usher in a new era. Deep cleansing breath for the long road ahead.


allthingsjennifer said...

I think she is saying our President is fill of hot air.

naomi said...

That is a lovely picture. My ds has been chatting about Obama, and I asked him what he thought might be good about the new president. He said 'he will stop war' - maybe slightly optimistic, but sums up the whole hope and excitement and change thing that seems to surround his inauguration. We're not even American and we've been doing fun inauguration stuff!