Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Thank You - Times Two

Thank You - Times Two

First off a special Thank you to Amy for the lovely package that we received. I won her blog drawing by participating in her Laundry Line challenge last summer. We won the three books pictured above, which are beyond amazing! They were illustrated by Leslie Evans My husband is in love with trees and finidng new ones to plant in our yard - so of course LittleA was excited to see all the leaf varieties in Winter Trees and Leaf Jumpers. We are reading the Spring Acrostic to melt the snow from our brains and remember that not too far from know bulbs will be peeking from the snow. Amy. Thank you thank you!! I will deffinitly be line drying again this summer!

Jo of A Bit Of This and A Bit Of That, was sweet enough to remind me to come out of hibernation, with a Your Blog is Fabulous award. Thank you Jo!! Be sure to check out her site and see the awesome things that she has in her shop...she just posted an update! I should mention Jo lives in Japan - so there are some great fabrics and bento items in her shop. She is also the creator of Serenity the Mermaid which I pattern tested.
and here are some bloggers that I think are Fabulous!! All places I go to seek inspiration and see what is new.


Gift of Green said...

Glad you got them and are enjoying! Took me long enough!!! :)

Anonymous said...

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