Monday, January 19, 2009

Unplugged Challenge - Balance

Unplugged Challenge - Balance

One of our families favorite unplugged things to do is play games. It is a great way to unwind and be together. It is fun to watch LittleA learn turn-taking, cooperation, good sportsmanship, and more importantly - the lesson that winning is not everything!
LittleA received some really cool games for Christmas. This weeks Unplugged Challenge, Balance was perfect for the game Zimbbos.

The game itself is a real balancing act. You take a roll of the dice and see how many wooden elephants you need to add to the stack.  You can play by the rules or very easily invent your own way to play.
LittleA got a kick out of the cute elephants and of course watching the sculpture teeter and totter and fall over. I was impressed by the quality of the pieces (the animals are really thinck and sturdy wood blocks). This is definitely a game that will last for generations. Another plus is that the game can be played quickly - so you can go many rounds...or just get in a quick game before bed time.
Here are some of our other unplugged game favorites:
Honey Bee Tree - This essentialy a take on good ole Kerplunk. The game itself is adorable - you just want to scoop up all the little bees and roll them around in your hands. The down side to this game is that the setup undoubtable takes longer then game play.
Feed The Kitty - This was LittleA's first real game. A great buy from Aunt Jenny. LittleA was and still is a huge fan of cats so this was a real hit. The game play here is very simple and can be adapted to the age level of those playing. Ultimatly you roll the dice and perform the action pictured on the dice (put a little mouse in the kitty bowl, give a mouse to your neighbor, safe - do nothing). This one reminds me of the game - Left Right Center.

Of course Yahtzee, Candy Land, and Chutes and Laders are in our game closet too! For outside fun I am looking forward to playing some of the old classics in the book Forgotten Neighborhood Games.

So what other games are out there that we need to know about!! What are your family favorites. Do you make you own games (leave a link to any homemade games you have created). And check out this cool pizza game Candy and her son made that is fun, graphically cool, and while your not noticing teaches about fractions!! She will soon be offering a free .zip version for download at her blog Raising Explorers.

Of course be sure to check out the other families unplugged ideas for balance and join us next Monday in telling us about what you did for the challenge "BALL"


Anonymous said...

What great games. I'll have to look for Feed the Kitty for my youngest. She is only just three and can't really do much with a game yet, but I think she'd like that one!

naomi said...

They are cool games, we like Jenga too. I like the idea of making a balance game.

Jill said...

I've only found your blog a little while ago (and enjoy it immensely!), so I am not sure how old your kids are, but you might want to keep an eye out for Killer Bunnies.

It's a fun card-based game that you can add on to. There is a kid's version along with the original.

I participate in Game Night with a bunch of families, and Killer Bunnies is a hit with both the adults and the kids. We use the regular game - not the kid's version... The youngest that play with us is seven, and she knows the game and the card better than most of the adults :)

When you try to explain the game to someone, they look at you say "Huh?", but it really is a lot of fun. You want the magic carrot. You don't want to be attacked by the Killer Cheeseballs or the Kitchen Whisk...

Yelli said...

Thanks for these ideas! Like Mom unplugged said, it is difficult to find games that my 2 1/2 year old can play.

If you were looking for more suggestions, there is a game here in Germany by Haba called "Obstgarten" or Fruit garden that we found. My son LOVES it and it has such adorable little wooden fruit and baskets.

Melitsa said...

We're just getting heavily into games after a bumper Christmas lot. Another balancing game we had was jumping monkeys. Making monkey balance on a tree by firing them ont the tree. Lot of fun not too much skill. ( Although I must say I loose every time)

So Smrt said...

Yup, we love games too. Don't Break the Ice is the first one that my 2 1/2 year old played, and she does it well! Now we also play Ants in Your Pants and Candy Land!