Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Unplugged Challenge - Ball

Unplugged Challenge - Ball 

This weeks challenge was the word ball. As usual I mentioned the theme to LittleA and let her explore our options. We talked about snow balls, inagural balls, sports balls, and things that were just plain round like a ball. Spheres came up and then out of her little mouth flung the word EYE BALL. (*AUNT JENNY NOTE: This is fair warning this post is about eyes...turn away now.)

Through the week we talked about eyes and their importance, their parts, and how animals/insects have different types then humans.

I pulled up some simple eye diagrams and we reviewed the parts and compared our own irises. She loved that part of the eye was the same name as a flower. She also alerted me to the notion that my eye color is "basil" (or hazel).

After researching the eyeball we decided we should try to make one of our own. This was my first experience with papier mache.

I looked online and found a variety of simple at home recipes for the gooey mixture. I settled on the 2 parts flour to 1 part water with salt thrown in to prevent mold. I used hot water so that the flour would mix with it a little better.  LitlleA loves to use the whisk!
This is our eye diagram and our shredded PennySaver waiting for new purpose.Our diagram showed the Iris, Cornea, Lens, Pupil and Optic Nerve.
We used a balloon as our form. It sort of holds the right shape, made the whole thing a little squishy, and the tail made a good representation of the optic nerve.
This part was oozy and gooey - and oh so fun. Hard to keep hands clean enough for taking photos! We made sure to build up the front portion of the eyeball so we could better represent the real shape.
LittleA was great at making "scissor fingers" to wipe off excess goop. 
And here is our eyeball, drying from some ribbon hanging from my curtain rod, above the radiator in our dining room. It took so long to dry - that we didn't get it painted yet. I will update this post once the eye is painted.
See some other clever unplugged "ball" projects here.
Well hurah - the eyeball finally dried and we caught a moment to setup an impromptu painting stand (on top of a Rubbermaid that was on its way down to our basement). We covered it with newspapers and setup our paints. Before painting LittleA spied my kitchen tape measure and decided that we should take the dimensions of the eye.
The two of us took turns holding the eye while she did all the painting.
And here is the eye all completed. LittleA thought this was a great project and is trying to get other families members to allow her to papier mache at their houses "I will bring my apron" .
I think I will take the advice of  ScottChrisCoriCassiCali, another Unplugged mama, and save this one away as a good Halloween decoration.
EYE do hope you join us for next weeks theme - Color


Anonymous said...

what a fun ooey gooey mess

allthingsjennifer said...


Crescent Moon said...

What a cool human anatomy project! I wish my little one would do paper mache without freaking out about his finger getting messy.

This Girl loves to Talk said...

what a great take on ball.. your little one is very smart!! we love making pinata around here (the girls are getting ideas for their birthdays and easter - 3 pinatas in the next 3 months!!)

ScottChrisCoriCassiCali said...

You should definitely get the award for most creative direction of theme!
Can't wait to see how she finishes it! Save it for a Halloween decoration! :)

Dayna said...

Thank you all for coming to see our project and leaving a comment.

Yes, teachingtinytots - this was ooeey gooeey and off so much fun. I ended up having to wash our clothes soon after, as you can imagine there was PM everywhere!

Jennnnnnnnnnnnnn - SOOO SORRY!!! I can't believe you read through - what an aunt!!

Crescent Moon - Thanks for checking out our project. LittleA LOVES anatomy and always wants us to talk about the body. This was the first project we did that she did not get weirded out about the mess. She will be 4 in April and I think that is a part of it.

This Girl Loves to Talk - LittleA certainly is inquisitive and keeps me on my toes. We might have to consider a b-day pinata. I have three months to plan. Any thoughts on a pinata that fits her chosen theme Chinese New Year Birthday.

ScottChrisCoriCassiCali - Thanks for the "award" for creative direction :) That was all LittleA. And come back to see the updated post - new photos and everything. I think I am certainly keeping this one around for Halloween!

Anonymous said...

great job i love them!!!

we love paper mache!!!

also how neat your little girls bday theme is gong to chinese new year!!!!:)

naomi said...

That looks brilliant and could easily be made simpler or more detailed for children of different ages.

Anonymous said...
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