Monday, January 12, 2009

Unplugged Challenge - Square

Unplugged Challenge - Square

With the holidays past and the snow outside making us feel settled and cozy - we eased into our first unplugged challenge of the year. If you are looking for a catalyst for your creative juices - hop on over to the home of the unplugged challenge and see what it is all about.

This weeks theme was SQUARE. LittleA came up with the idea to create a square hand puppet that she could use in her new puppet theater (post on this coming soon). We did not get past discussing how to create a it has been moved to the back burner when we can dedicate some more time to creating.

In the mean time LittleA wanted to paint and so this easy re-entry project was born. LittleA likes to have us open up ms paint on the computer and make repetitive shapes for her to paint in with the mouse. So I decided to recreate something similar on her easel. I created squares in a variety of shapes and colors and then LittleA paint them in with her watercolors.

We talked about what defines a square as well as how the wax of the crayon resisted the watercolors.

This was a simple way to get the ball rolling again for our participation in the unplugged challenges. Want to join us next week - the theme is BALANCE.


Alicia said...

Ooh, fun project! That would be perfect for multiple ages too. Great idea!

Love your Waldorf doll too. :)

So Smrt said...

Okay, just ignore this post if it's not for you...on the fisher price website there are games that you can do with your toddler. Some of them involve pictures that they can "paint" by moving the mouse to a paint can.

Dayna said...

Hi Alicia and So Smrt. Thanks for stopping by and leaving comments.

Alicia - thanks for the compliment on the doll.

So Smrt - I will have to check out the website and see what it is all about. LittleA might really like that. Thanks!

jk said...

OK - I'm really going to need to participate in this unplugged challenge with the kids! Thanks for sharing your projects...