Monday, February 02, 2009

For The Birds

For The Birds

An old fashioned homemade remedy for feeding those winged ones who have not migrated from our cold snowy yard. 

This is beef fat that has been rendered into suet by Tim. Melting in a cast iron skillet so that we can add seed to it.

Tim then drilled holes into some tree branches we had laying around. He filled each hole with a mixture of bird seed and suet. Each branch was then fitted with a loop hook on top so that it could hang outside.

There was still quit a bit left over so we lined cupcake tins with paper wrappers and filled each one and hoped for the best. We got more then we hoped for. Tim's suet cupcakes turned out better then we imagined.
They set up perfectly and even better is that they fit inside of a recycled supermarket muffin container. When the birds need a new snack - we pull some of these out of the freezer and fill another suet holder that we have.
LittleA also got into the swing of things by covering an ice cream cone with peanut butter and cereal and then rolling the whole thing in a plate of birdseed.
My favorite part was when she added more cereal onto the pipecleaner that you hang the whole thing with. The birds can eat everything and just leave the hanger.
Happy Winter Feast!

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Jess said...

love the variety of homemade bird feeders! i finally got around to refilling the three feeders and love watching all the different birds that come to visit... i'm sure littleA is enjoying seeing them just as much as Ben does.