Monday, February 02, 2009

Knitting Class

A lovely friend asked if I would take a knitting class with her. I thought if nothing else it would be a nice night out with her, and said yes. I have learned to rip things out and even how to knit some things quite right. I am tickled, well - pink! Look at that progress. We have three weeks of class and then should have competed one mitten. We will also have enough yarn left to complete the matching mitten...or hopefully the contact information of the person who also made one mitten in the same color - worst case scenario you can buy your way to a full pair.
Update: Here is my mitten after class two. Yes, that there is a real thumb!
Now I wonder dear readers..what would you suggest I try for my third ever knitting project? I have a scarflette in mind or maybe a simple sweater. Any thoughts? Have you made something cool? Is there a yarn or needle I just have to try out? Leave me a note/link in the comments section.


Kelly said...

ooo! That looks lovely. Like raspberries, what a nice summer feeling to have when it is cold out. I have so been wanting to learn to knit after reading SouleMama's blog. Unfortunately the teacher for the store near me is sick, so they are not doing classes. Why oh why don't I know someone knitty near me?

Jess said...

yay for a partial mitten! it's funny you posted this now, as i'm taking a beginner (refresher) knitting class on saturday.

maybe a hat? i tried (unsuccessfully) to make ben a roll brim one this winter (which is why i'm taking the refresher course).

love the color - makes me think of raspberries too!

Gift of Green said...

LOL!! LOL!! LOL!! And let's hope the other person did the opposite hand!