Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Valentines Day

Valentines Day
I realized while looking through photos that I am woefully behind on updating this space. We have been up to lots of good things....but I have not taken a moment to post about it. So let us get this updating started with Valentines Day and we can work backwards from there.

For the month of February the book club choose to read a book about food and then head to a local shop to create food during our meeting. We ended up picking Angry housewives Eating Bon-Bons. This was my least favorite book club pick in the year that we have been reading
together. The good news is that the title led us to a local chocolate shop to make our own bon-bons! We were given cocoa that was dyed different colors and allowed to paint molds which were then filled with milk chocolate. We snacked on chocolate covered strawberries and chocolate waffers all while we girl talked and discussed the book (a little bit) we also drank some amazing chocolate based wine.
Here they are all boxed up and ready to present.
They all turned out so shiny! I was not thrilled with my design but what can be better the edible art and girl talk?
LittleA had a Valentines day party to attend and we had to bring a red snack. Thankfully one mom brought a huge platter of red fruits. I saw Red Velvet Sandwich Cookies over on Bakerella and couldn't help but try it - especially since I already had a box of Red Velevet cake mix.
The color is so lovely in the "natural" looking - ah well....file these under an every once in a blue moon snack. I'll be honest I had one bite and my teeth were zinging...but they sure fit the bill for red and sweet!
The party had 6 kiddos in attendance so we needed to bring some valentines too. I am huge fan of homemade valentines and knew I had found the perfect idea over at Zakka Life - boy there are some clever ideas brewing over there! She had started by making a candy maze filled with conversation hearts. I knew I had some heart doileys laying around. I ended up going with the simpler version of just stictching around the heart and some plastic to sandwich the conversation hearts in place.
Our doilies did not have a real large solid surface I laid card stock down, then the doily, then the hearts (20 pieces) and topped it all off with plastic. I have eliminated plastic bags in our house so I was stumped for a bit on what I could use. Lucky enough I had a box of large turkey roasting bags in the Wah-La - I chopped them up and layed them on top of the whole thing. I used red thread and did a zig-zag stitch all the way around the piece in a heart shape.
After all the stitchin gwas done I trimed thread and then the plastic and carstock all down to size. Then LittleA signed the back of each one.
We tucked them all into a basket and off to the party we went. LittleA really enjoyed going person to person to hand them out.
When we came home I whipped up this month top secret Daring Baker dessert for our romantic family night in valentine dinner. Unfortunatly I can't revel this part of the weekend with you till posting day...stay tuned because this months baking project was a huge tasty success and I can't wait to share it with you all. As a little tradition we avoid going out on Valentines day and instead pull up a small table for three in our living room in front of the fireplace.
As a valentines treat I made LittleA a small heart shaped muff to keep her hands toasty till the end of winter. I used some of the wool roving I have left from stuffing her Waldorf it should keep her hands really warm - and still accessible. 
And for my love...I told him he was sweeter then honey and asked if he woul "bee" my valentine. I then presented him with a book on bee keeping and we discussed plans to keep some bees on our porperty this year! 

and the final heart for the holiday....I finished my second mitten. I didn't have to buy one in the end. Now in all honesty they are ridiculously too tall - as in so tall I close them in the back door when leaving the house. Lesson learned - follow the instructions...someone might have known what they were talking about when the wrote it.

Hope you had a good time with those you love!


Gift of Green said...

Those mittens are amazing!!


Toni said...

I'm loving all of the lovely hearts!
...and regardless of the size, your mittens are wonderful. Good for you. -see you next week!

Jess said...

everything is great... love the mittens!