Monday, March 09, 2009

Choco-Lot Taste Test

Choco-Lot Taste Test

Over the last few months I have fallen in love with tucking these dark chocolate goodies into the grocery cart, without my family being the wiser. After dinner or on a day when I am in a mood, I can head to the fridge for a tasty bite that elevates my mood or satiates my sweet tooth.

The fun thing about the Chocolove bars is that their is poetry on the inside wrapper. Orange peel in dark chocolate is my favorite but this raspberry one got me thinking. Perhaps I could make my own.

On my last trip to the grocery store I purchased everything I needed and was excited to be able to purchase twice the amount of chocolate for the same cost.
I picked up a chocolate bar that had a high cocoa content hoping to match the taste of the Chocolove bar. In the end I think 60% was too time I will look for 55% as I think that has a better taste for me. Into the chocolate I added  freeze dried raspberries and some orange peel (from Penzey's spices).
I melted the chocolate pieces in a double boiler setup and then added in the extras. I poured the whole thing into a parchment lined cookie sheet (sized for the toaster oven). Then I let the whole thing cool and then broke it into smaller parts so that I could sneak small bits from the fridge.
You can see the raspberries inside this profile view. You can also see that I need to work on getting an even thickness. The overall verdict is - o.k. Not as good as the original but a decent filler...with some room to experiment.


Gift of Green said...

We have a Penzey's near us...I've never been in there. Now I'm intrigued.

Anonymous said...

My sister is a buyer for Whole Foods, and a few months ago she brought me bars and bars of flavored chocolate. from pear to banana, to quince! I never got to use them in baking since I was at a rehab facility for my knee, so I just gave them away. Now I wish I didn't! The endless possibilities! Now that I see what you did, the idea of creating my own fruity chocolate is tempting :) Great write up!