Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Food Face

Food Face

How much fun is this plate?
Takes me back to the olden days where the only entertainment you had while riding in the car was thinking, reading or playing with Wooly Willy (that sounds suspect).

I can get the plate at Perpetual Kid. I think LittleA would get such a kick out of this. But it wont be available in time for her birthday...might have to make my way to the local pottery shop and see if I can whip up a version of my own.
man people are clever!


bigger sister said...

I was so going to get this for Little A, I'm sad you've seen it!!!

Toni said...

Oh Dayna - this made our day! Kris declared that this is the coolest thing ever and we're pretty sure that including ones for our two kids, we need to order FOUR! :)