Thursday, March 05, 2009

This Family Loves Fleas

This Family Loves Fleas

Remember just about a year ago my LittleA decided on her flea themed birthday party? One of the gifts her clever Aunt Jenny presented her with was a board game called Flea Circus. Who even knew such a game existed. I also note that Aunt Jenny gave us Feed the Kitty which I talked about in my family game post. Ah yes, aunt jenny thanks for the many hours of family fun you have gifted us!!

After dinner we played Flea Circus. This is the first time it was played per the instructions. Up till now LittleA was a tad to young to grasp all the concepts of the game. It is rated for 6 and up...LittleA is going to be 4 in April - so we let her play with all her cards showing on the table to get the concept flowing. Let me just say how much fun this game is.
In the past LittleA would just take the game off the shelf and play with all the plastic dogs and cats that come with the set. The game reminded me a bit of Mille Bornes (very fun card game where you are the driver of a car by playing mileage cards) if you have ever played that. 
Each person gets 5 cards. The cards for the most part reflect different acts at the flea circus and are each worth a different number of spectators (the dogs and cats). The object is to at the end of the game be the person with the most spectators. Of course the deck also has cards that change the pace and direction of play like clown cards, a dog catcher, and some acrobatic fleas.
*Now let me make a disclaimer - if your child has a paranoia about "scary" cards be warned that the dog catcher is quite villainous. LittleA drew the dog catcher card and we almost had to stop the game. 
Yes my kiddo despises mascots and villain cards. Thankfully we were already privy to this fear from a game my mom keeps at her house called Cookin Cookies (lots of fun games at their website). Which by the way is another quick paced family fun game.
You see each person gets a cookie recipe card and a spoon with a suction cup on the end. The object is to slap the ingredient cards with your spoon and be the first to assemble all the ingredients for your specific receipe. You do have to watch out though....a rotten egg or two lurks in the deck. LittleA actually quivered with fear when she first saw it. The egg is green and dripping yellow goo and has fangs (you can sort of see him...attached to the red spoon down there).

And that my friends is how a villain card phobia was born. Never did I suspect that I would have to calm my kiddos fear of playing cards.

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Bren said...

LOL WOW. I read this outloud and both Lori and I loved your post