Thursday, April 16, 2009

Fun Food

Fun Food

As you can imagine - the building of the play kitchen led to the creation of some fun food. Making play felt food was more fun then I expected. There are so many amazing patterns and tutorials online. There are also many talented people selling crafty felt foods over on etsy. I was really excited to convert all our play food from plastic and cardboard over to wood and felt. 

We already had a wooden set of magnetic sandwich pieces and drinks. We also had a couple tea sets and metal utensils and pots and pans and plates (from Ikea). So we really just needed a few pieces of food to add to the fun.

I loved the tutorial over at Day to Day for making eggs and orange slices. I used her pics and instructions as a jumping place. If you look in her right hand column, scroll to ttutorials and you can see her other felt foods too.

So here is what I created for LittleA.
Pita, lettuce, cheese, and tomato

which all tucks together for a pita sandwich

two eggs

ravioli with sauce

bow ties with some more sauce

and here is a pic of all of it together.

The best part is that they all fit in this container that came with my fridge. I never had a use for it - but didn't want to toss it either. It has a lid and all the felt food has a home.
As a tradition of sorts LittleA has always gotten something homemade in her Easter Basket each year. This year was no different. I had seen these amazingly clever tea-bags over in Pickle Things etsy shop and gave them a go myself. I tell you - I should have just bought them! Mine turned out ok - but a bit large. I tried a variety of fabrics before landing at tulle - but even results were eh?! LittleA enjoys them well enough though and that is all that matters.
Feeling creative? Then head to One Crafty Place and check out their felt food tutorial round-up. Have you made any felt food or see something out on the web I just have to check out? Drop me a comment and let me know. I am on the lookout for some more ideas!


Jess said...

i love all the play food - i wanted to craft some for Ben, but still haven't gotten around to it. i'm inspired to try now that i've seen all you've posted.

Dayna said...

Jess - definitely give it a go!! I know you will com eup with amazing things :)