Monday, April 13, 2009

Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Hello All....

I feel like a tiny leaf unfurling towards the sun. Things have been good and busy here. Still feeling like I am trying to shake the snow off my shoulders and move into spring. So to encourage the warmth to head our way I am going to do some blog spring cleaning. Things at the house are busy-busy with preparations under way for LittleA's very exciting 4th birthday party (my wee one turned 4 yesterday on Easter). We will be celebrating her birthday on the up until then I will be posting spring cleaning posts over here. We will enter full into spring with a post all about LittleA's birthday on Monday the 27th. Her chosen theme this year being Chinese New Year - oh what fun this has been :)

So in the space you will see me "tossing" out posts that should have been posted as far back as Christmas - and some that are less delayed in their appearance here.

  • Homemade presents - sure you saw Fern. But there was also felt food, story dice, a home puppet theater, and a kitchen crafted from our old television stand that I never got around to posting about.
  • Unplugged Challenges & Science Fun - We did a few challenges that we never posted about...not to mention we had some NPR inspired "science friday's" I should have posted - including all the fun that can be had with dry ice.
  • Cooking Projects - Admittedly I passed on a couple Daring Baker challenges (but do go check out their new amazing home and super hero themed logo, and consider becoming a Daring Baker or the all new Daring Cook). There was still kitchen goodness to be had though - so expect a post or two about amazing easy dinner rolls, a failed attempt at some home made animal crackers, tye-dye cupcakes - in honor of Bob Marley's birthday, my latest and greatest two week meal planning strategy, and a meal made entirely by LittleA.
  • Signs of Spring - yes, I do joke that it is still cold up here in hardiness zone 5 (some areas do have some very patchy spots of snow still) but in all seriousness there are signs of spring all over our yard and even some indoor sowing going on. I will dish about fast sprouting onions, 15 new trees, and plans to consider getting some bees to share some honey with. Not to forget Amy from Gift of Green is back at it with this years Clothesline Challenge. If that is not a sign of warmer weather I don't know what is. Have you signed up to give it a go? Check it out here. 
Hope you had an amazing and peacful Easter. I was blessed with a kid that agreed to cozy up in bed for 30 mintues before dashing around the house for eggs and baskets. Here are some condensed mental notes of our day.

  • LittleA was thrilled to turn 4. It meant she could have a whole vitamin instead of a half.
  • When told she could have ANYTHING she wanted for her Birthday/Easter breakfast LittleA responded with "scrambled eggs and bacon please"
  •  The official opening of the swing set occurs every year on LittleA's actual birthday. This year after baskets and eggs were found I went to make breakfast and Tim went out to set it all up for the year. He also added a bonus birthday present this year - a homemade balance beam!!
  • Easter Basket Goodies: Miss Rumphius by Barbara Cooney (awesome book, the Easter Bunny must have heard my friend Rachel recommend this one), sweet necklaces from Giggles and Glam. If you have a small girl in your life - go check out these adorable charms. Honey Sticks (always a fun treat in our house - easy to find at farmers markets and tea/coffee shops). Book Light (encouraging late night reading).
 Be well all - be back soon to clean up around here!

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