Tuesday, April 21, 2009

You Tell Me A Story...Dice

You Tell Me A Story...Dice

UPDATE: 9.22.09 - The story dice in this post were mentioned on Angry Chicken's post "chillin' with some dice and tunes" After that I received a request or two to create a printable version of the pieces I used to create my dice. Good news - I finally got that done! Here you go.
Fo.ne.tic.lee Speaking - Story Dice                                                                                                                                

Over the past 4 years I don't believe that a night has gone by where LittleA didn't get at least one good night story. Most times from a book or other times "from my mouth". Just before the Christmas holiday we would see her sitting with a book telling the story based on pictures or memory. I decided that perhaps it was time to further encourage her in this way.

My thought was a story book station with some components to assist her with her tales. There was much out their in the way of internet inspiration. Just type in blank books or book making over at Soule Mama and you will see a variety of inspiring posts. Take a peek at the Making Books blog for clever ways to create treasured story books with your kids. Another way to jump start the process is to purchase blank books from the Bare Books store.
I decided to make a writing station that could be relocated around the house as needed. Finding the perfect container for the said station was a little bit tougher. I wanted to avoid buying something new - but near the holidays was running low on re purposing cleverness. I had hoped to find an old wooden box at an antique shop - but refused to pay top dollar for an old name brand ammunition box...not quite what I was looking for. Although a words not wars theme could have been interesting! Anyway...I was strolling through the closeout section at Joannes and came across an unfinished wooden box that would sit on a desk to sort bills and such. I thought it would work perfect. It was marked $9 and I had a coupon so for $4 it seemed just right - funny how a good price can be such an influence! I also picked up some glittery scrap book cover stock - which was used to make the blank books. I created a variety of sizes. The paper is just copier paper that I stitched into the book using my sewing machine.

Santa was kind enough to include some shiny new colored pencils in the stocking to stock this little desk. The little drawer slides up and out and can be used to hold treasures.

Additionally I made LittleA some story dice to encourage her. I had some plain wood cubes at the house left from the bulk wood order from Casey's Wood (ya know the place I mention all the time). I know I have also seen these at the local craft shop too. I have to pop back into Casey's for some game piece blanks...thought it would be a fun project to create our own game board and pieces.

I went around the internet looking for clipart of things I know LittleA might like to make stories out of. Each side of the die represents a different part of a story - one is a location, an object, a food, an activity etc. I scaled them all down to the size I need in Adobe Illustrator. Then I printed out the sheet on our home printer. Each piece was cut out and I used Mod-Podge to adhere them to the cubes.

Here are some of the pieces all done.  I gave each side multiple coatings of Mod-Podge so that they would be nice and smooth and sealed.

Once they were all dried I created a little Velcro closure, fabric pouch for them to be stored in. The goal of the game is to roll as many dice as you would like. Then create a tall tale or poem or silly story using as many of the clues that you roll.

We have had stories about bicycle riding hamburgers that meet fairy princess in the woods. Many giggles to go around. If you are not feeling particuallarly crafty - feel free to check out the super etsy shop called Mamaroots she has all kinds of goodies (one of which is a story dice cube).

Another idea is to roll the dice and create a piece of art that incorporates all the ideas....imagine a bicycle riding hamburger collage!

If you are looking for other clever ways to get children into creative story telling check out the great ideas at The Story Connection in their storytelling games section.


Jennifer said...

What a great idea. I love it!

Amy@Let's Explore said...

This is right up my alley -- love it! :)

Dayna said...

Thanks Ladies - Glad you liked them!

michelle said...

I love these. Would you be willing to share the images you created and resized? Thanks!

Deven said...

Love them!

michelle said...

Thank you!! Love the pdf. Very fun. My kids are excited about making these. You rock!

Hoepfinger Family said...

Can I get those PDF's as well? This is such an awesome idea!

Dayna said...

Hi Hoepfinger Family - I hope you see this message. The PDF's are available for download in my sidebar...or at the very top of this post.