Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year Birthday - PART II

here it is - part two of Chinese New Year Birthday
without further delay the dragon. This was the mandatory part of the party by LittleA's standards. She and I made the body and Tim made the head. A real family project. LittleA had plans for all the children to crawl beneath it and dance around the party "scaring the pants off all the parents"
The turquoise portion is 1/2 of a bed sheet. Then the rest of the fabrics were stash pieces I had laying around that fit the bills of sparkly and or flowy .
We got the whole thing going by adding a sort of spine mid-line and then created a make-shift scale pattern with the gauzy sparkle fabric. The long yellow pieces were to add some more flair.
We layered the scales on in an overlaping pattern - sort of how I think you would do roofing tiles. This left some spaces once we got up to the spine area - so we filled those in with felt flowers. The entire thing was help together with all purpose glue.
Here you an see Tim modeling the dragon head he cut from some cardboard. He made two identical pieces and sandwiched them together with a strip of cardboard and some painters tape.
Perhaps you can get a better idea of it from this bad blurry picture of me wearing the two pieces. We were inspired from this costume.
After the form was constructed, little squares of construction paper were glued to the head to make a scaly appearance. The teeth were coated with aluminum foil and the scales were covered in red paper. Last up - the eyes were added on. Again all done with glue.
And here were the two pieces joined together - we used heavy duty tape. I think staples or some stitches would be better next time.
It decorated our banister while we waited for our guests to arrive and then...
The kids were off and running - scaring all the parents! All the kids colorful clothes really added to the dragon.
These were some of the goodie bag items. I made fortune cookies using the directions that you can download from Craft: LillyBean (Hilary Seabolt's felt food marketplace) . The lollipop kimono ladies were inspired  byZakka - who did a clever valentine post back in Feb. I must have purchased a differnt size origami paper so I had to alter the directions a little bit. I had to use two pieces of paper and fold then together. Don't skip the belt piece though - It really tied the two pieces together nice.
Here are the goodies all waiting to go home with friends. I inserted a thank you fortune in each cookie. We also added a colorful pair of chopsticks for each kid and some Chinese snacks that we found at the grocery store.
My friend Audrey sent me a link on making the tulle blossom branches (beetlegirl desings - not feeling crafty you can buy some in her etsy shop) that are in the vase. We found all sorts of fun paper goods at the party store.

And of course we had to have some paper lanterns too!

I made some candy sushi - which didn't photograph well. But it was inspired by these really good photos over at Not Martha. I used a half of a marshmallow topped with a juju fish and wrapped with some fruit by the foot.
And here is the cherry blossom cake with the dragon topper I found at Pier1 (also where the Chinese New Year plate was found - seen in fortune cookie goodie bag photo above). The cake was a Martha Stewart recipe. The side vases are filled with real fortune cookies.

A huge thank you to all the friends and family who attended. Especially those who "dressed" the part. The gifts were so thoughtful and so LittleA - so very many of them were even on theme. We are blessed with such an amazing group of people to share our lives with!


Gift of Green said...

Huh?! Whaaa? Huh?!?! You are TOTALLY amazing!!!! You need to submit some of these ideas to the Crafty Crow, woman!

Jess said...

love all the birthday party celebration crafts! what a wonderful celebration for littleA!

kawaii crafter said...

What a great party with such wonderful details. I really like the dragon head. Will have to tuck away that idea for later.

Your dum dum favors look like they came out just perfect. Thanks for sharing a link to my site, I really appreciate it. :)