Monday, May 11, 2009

Unplugged Challenge - Magic

Magic was a fun theme for this weeks Unplugged Challenge. I thought for sure when I mentioned it to LittleA she would have run to the toy room to grab the new magic kit she received for her birthday. Instead she ran to our barn yelling "I have a great idea." "I can make my soccer ball disappear."

I sat on the picnic table and watched as she showed me this magic trick she "invented". Then we had the idea to make a book of all her magic tricks. So far we have just this one. But LittleA is busy testing new tricks out. My favorite being how to make carrots disappear (hint: you eat them!).

My first thought was to have her narrate the steps to me as I wrote them down. Then when we went in the house she could draw the illustrations. Then we went one step farther and thought how fun it could be for her to star in her own book of magic.

I grabbed the digital camera and she reenacted each of her steps while I photographed them. I later merged both the steps and pics into a digital format so that we can print and bind it. We are thinking of making copies for friends.

How To Make A Soccer Ball Disappear - by LittleA

Step One:
Put the soccer ball near your feet.

Step Two:
Say "abracadabra" and wave your arms over the ball.
Step three:
Say "I am going to make this soccer ball disappear"

Step Four:
While no one is looking....or while they close their eyes

Step Five:
Kick the ball behind you with your heel.

Step Six:
Say "ta-da"

Step Seven:
Take a bow.

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Gift of Green said...

Totally adorable! (Wait, did I say that about your last post too?!)

Mom and Kiddo said...

It's so great when they come up with stuff on their own.

~Bobbi~ said...

Super Cute!

Jaks said...

Of course that is absolutely adorable, I might try the disappearing carrot trick!! ;)

chanale said...

Too cute!