Monday, June 29, 2009

Summer Time

We are filling our days with the lazy and crazy...each day is a new surprise! We have peaceful moments of hammock swinging and the break neck pace of party hoping and "drawing it all in". I think this summer will allow me a here and there photo post and the newsier posts will be back in the fall. Hope you are enjoying your season....

here is what we have been up to in June...

celebrated at a princess party for a special friend.

gotten down in the dirt exploring nature during a few camping trips with good friends and

enjoyed homemade pizza with fresh in season toppings.

we canceled cable

we have eaten berries and melon by the bunch.

celebrated with some amazing graduates (and more to come)

do get the instructions for these easy-peasy graduation goodies over at Bakerella.

we have jumped in both puddles and bounce-houses.

we have made some new clothes...

we have helped a bride-to-be prep for her wedding.

we took an inaugural fishing trip
we dug for fossils in an ancient sea
we have had piggy back rides
enjoyed ice cream treats
visited our teams stadium and ran and ran and ran...
we tried something new
we watched the end of an era
we laughed,
                       we slept,
                                          we look forward to July!


biggersister said...

I miss the heck out of you guys. I need to spend a few days with thee, stat...

Love and many hugs.

Anonymous said...

wow... busy, busy, busy... cant wait to see you guys this weekend