Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hamburger Hot dog Day

Hamburger Hot dog Day

A few weeks ago LittleA and I stumbled onto a game of our own creating. It is called Hamburger Hot dog Day. It all started with one of those jumbo teacher sticker packs - you know the ones that advertise 1000 stickers inside...

LittleA found a page that was full of small grillables. She placed a hamburger sticker on both her and my left hand and then a hot dog on the opposite. She planned on wearing them all day. Here is how the game goes... You take turns asking each other yes and no questions. Instead of answering Yes and NO you determine that one of the stickers will equal no and the other will equal yes. Instead of a verbal response you hold up the hand that coresponds.

LittleA do you want to play outside?
Hamburger hand shoots into the air

LittleA do you want to take a nap?
Hot dog hand shoots in the air (honestly I was thinking of throwing Hamburger on that one).

Easy peasy funny game that leads to many goofy questions and lots of hand raising. The best part is all the possibility for hand art. When the super cool Oliebollen Kinderheros tatoos showed up in the mail LittleA had a great idea. "Let's play Sunny Rainy Day"

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