Sunday, November 08, 2009


Lists and I are good buddies. We had one on our fridge all summer long with all the fun family things we hoped to accomplish. We got to nearly all of them and just this last week completed the last "Build A Nest". On a nice autumn day LittleA and I headed outside and with arms outstretched we flew around our yard and collected enough leaves to create a nest for the two of us to sit in and reflect upon on our summer and snuggle up for the fall.

I like to have a plan and know in advance what I need and want to do with my time. The ironic thing is that I am also a procrastinator. At the holiday times this can lead to me making wish lists in my head and feeling disappointed in the flurry of the holidays when I can not make things happen. 
Enter my new favorite free download....

Giver's Log is a great blog which posts a great variety of gift ideas. Currently the site is reviewing good co-worker ideas. While I was there I found a post about a Holiday Checklist. The check list begins 12 weeks before Christmas. Perhaps next year I will be ready to start Christmas planning 12 weeks out...but for this year I am going to be just thrilled that I have a plan and a very pretty list to look at! You can download a copy over at scribd - list filled in with tasks or blank version to fill in yourself. I printed off both versions. I went through the filled in version and used it to help me create my own filled in list from the blank template. Now the whole things hangs nicely on my fridge.

Week One (for me):
- scout out this years photo holiday cards
- make or order cards
- steam clean the carpets
- create gift budget
- create gift list
- pack away Halloween decoration

- decorate for Thanksgiving
- create a holiday gift receipt envelope
- prepare craft/studio space for homemade gift creating and wrapping
- collect clothing donations from around the house
- create invites and have friends over for a soup swap

- decorate dining room window (with leaf turkeys)- leave space for THANKFUL 4's (seen in Family Fun magazine)

The items in bold are what I still have yet to do here on Sunday at 7:20. I guess over scheduling will remain a problem for me. But as I type this I am also ordering my photo cards on snapfish. I also skipped ahead a little bit as I came up with a fun advent calendar idea. More on advent calendars coming up next!

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