Monday, January 11, 2010

Handmade Holiday

Some of my favorite parts of the holiday are when I can make something for those I love. This year I scaled back the to-do list so as not to be overwhelmed. It worked! I had time to create a couple pieces I really loved - stress free!  In addition I fell into jewelry creating - so much fun!

I had trouble wrapping this one...I think I may have to make a "one for me" version!

This was my most favorite piece - this one was created for my mom. LittleA calls her Mimi. I purchased some tool and die stamps and hand stamped "mimi" onto the metal charm. I am going to be doing more of these stamps - so fun!

This one I made for my sister. I heavily "borrowed" the layout from an etsy seller and added the birthstone crystal to make it more custom to her.

Some orchestra bling for my sister-in-law who has to hold martini's and mingle- often!

 This was a fun gag gift for another one of my sisters. She just got her first car this year and she keeps all of her directions on 3x5 index I made her a "GPS unit" out of a recipe box to keep her directions safe.

I hand crafted two presents for LittleA this year. I made her a guitar strap (which I neglected to photograph...will have to go do that now) and then this blanket for her baby dolls. The fabrics are all left over pieces from other family projects. I love to look at it and see all the handmade project bits in there...Halloween costume scraps, a magic cape, a bed spread, a tote bag, a birthday pennant, and some pj's all nestled together. It is fun to see Fern tucked in every night.

So another year begun...exciting to think about what will fill these pages over the next months that will all string together to be a memory of 2010.

Happy New Year.

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