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Unlikely Friendships

Unlikely Friendships

I have often commented to friends and family how motherhood brings an onslaught of friendships you never imagined you would have. People all the sudden insist on setting you up as playmates with mom friends they know you should meet. Essentially one becomes pigeon holed into the mom club - even though individuality reigns in the job of motherhood. And although this arrangement has some random pairings and occasional downsides, it is also really unique and wonderful to find that the club of motherhood is sometimes all you need to form a friendship with someone whom you otherwise may have never crossed paths with

It is my hope to take this experience and relate it to LittleA in a way that works for her. That she may not spend her school career completely keeping to one "group", that she may understand that friendship can grow from a small commonality. It was a week or so ago that this thought came to me as we watched Unlikely Animal Friends on the NatGeo channel. That like being in the motherhood group...sometimes just being in the animal kingdom is enough to spur a friendship. Here is the write up from the shows website:
NGC takes a fun-filled look at the stunning bonds animals form with other species, and even prey. A baby hippo is washed ashore after a devastating tsunami and latches onto a surrogate mother a 130-year-old giant tortoise. A lioness plays mom to a series of baby oryx calves, grooming and even fending off outside predators. These unexpected friends defy the laws of nature and demonstrate an evolution in the animal kingdom that would astound Darwin himself.

The show, Unlikely Animal Friends,  featured the very viral video of the men John and Ace who purchased Christian the lion from Harrods in 1968. A cub at the time Christian lived with the two in their furniture store until he grew to a size too big. The two men decided to reintegrate Christian into the wild on a national reserve in Africa. The amazing part of the video is when the two men decided to pay Christian a visit one year later. The video shows the reaction way better then I could ever write in words.

I tear up every time I watch this video. You can read more about this unique friendship in this wikipedia article.

The show also depicts a crow and kitten friendship as well as an orangutan and a hound dog who do not like to be apart from one another. LittleA really enjoyed the segment about the elephant and the dog (Tarra and Bella) who became friends and the tortoise and hippo (Owen and Mzee) - both pairs which have become famous by books. Yesterday, while we were at the library, we came across both books. I look forward to reading through them with her and then chatting about the sometimes unpredictable nature of friendship.

Owen and Mzee:

The two books we checked out:

Owen & Mzee The True Story of a Remarkable Friendship
(click above to see the page for the book)

Owen & Mzee The Language of Friendship
(click above to see the page for the book)

And here is a link to the Owen and Mzee website.

Tarra and Bella -

 Tarra and Bella The Elephant & Dog Who Became Best Friends

Feel free to leave recommendations for other great examples of unlikely friendships or must read children books that explore and depict great examples of friendship.

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