Thursday, February 25, 2010

Groundhog Days of Winter

Groundhog Days of Winter

Just yesterday listening to the radio I heard a local guy read a piece on how he is surviving the "groundhog days of winter". I had to laugh...this is exactly how I feel - as though groundhog day sets me into a total winter tailspin of funk. I looked it up and it appears that groundhogs day is the exact mid-point between the winter solstice and the spring solstice.

Ok, so I am working up some ideas to rejoice at the coming spring and enjoy the last weeks of the wintery season. Time to post some of the things we have been doing but had no energy to post about.

What to do with the leftover Holiday Monk's Bread? The small chunks of fruit in this loaf made it fairly undesirable in our house. As an aside - I have to say that as a family we love many of the other flavors made by the Trappist Monks some hours down the state thruway. So back to the project at hand...inspired by a friend and fellow blogger who just started a space online (based on the great book I Love Dirt)  for her outdoor adventures with her kids, we created some snacks for our woodland friends. This time of year can be really difficult for outdoor creatures to locate food sources - so we created for them a small snack.
We cut up some slices of the Monk's bread and then took some leftover cranberries and got to stringing them on some cotton thread.
LittleA and I worked together - we took turns threading the pieces and sliding them down our garland base.
Our big family bowl gets filled up.
LittleA carrying the bowl to the tree that we can watch from our dining room table.
 We draped the garland over the tree limbs and waited....

the next morning our garland had been dragged away and all that was left for us to see were snow prints.
 We also created an ice wreath but it did not fair as well. Tim found it in the freezer - wondered what it was and tossed it out onto the lawn...we are not sure the rhyme or reason to his actions - but there was much laughing when I asked where it was. I guess it made it to the animals in one way or another. Although I think I would have preferred to see it hanging on our lamp post - ahh maybe next time!

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