Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Eco Lunches

LittleA heads off to school this year and I have spent an inordinate amount of time searching around for good lunch container solutions. Currently we use a lot of Pyrex glass containers - but I have a feeling that will not be cafeteria friendly. 

We love sandwich and snack wrappers. So this past weekend I tried my hand at making one. There are lots of variations out there on the web...but I am not thrilled with the vinyl and other plastics that are being used as lining material. In a mothering.com forum someone mentioned using the lining from organic cereal. Organic specifically because non-organic cereal bags are sprayed with BHT. So I saved a bag and it turned out well. It has more of a crinkly noise then the original Wrap-N-Mats but it is not too bad. We will see how long it holds up.

The shape is just a nice size sqaure with the four corners cut off. I cut three pieces. Two of the cotton fabric and one of the liner. I sandwiched the pieces together (cotton pieces right sides out and liner on top). I placed the Velcro pieces and then stitched all around and left a hole for turning the entire thing inside out. Then I finished the opening with some top stitching.
Place your sandwich bread or snack in the middle, fold in the two sides, then the bottom, and seal with the Velcro tab. I think this will be a great way to use up some fabric scraps I have. I also plan to make some velcro top pouches as well. Something that will hold a cookie or two or some carrot sticks.

I was considering the Lunch Bot. Have you used one? Are they worth the $13 ticket price?

I am also looking to make a lunch chart of a variety of the packable lunch options for my daughter. Would love to hear about some non-traditional lunch box lunch items. I am hoping the chart will coincide with my grocery meal planner (which I do intend to post about some day soon). Something that at a quick glance will give good ideas in the protein (main dish), side veggie, fruit, snack categories.

Also what are you using to keep a beverage cold till lunch?

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