Monday, August 23, 2010

What We Did On Our Summer Vacation

It has been an amazing summer. We had our handy Summer Dreaming list posted on the fridge and we have made some good progress. This was a guilt free list to remind us of some things that we would enjoy - time permitting. Back in the cold of March LittleA and I did a water color together and once it dried we took to it with marker to list all the ideas we had for the warm and long days of summer.
The list contained family and individual goals.We have checked off some boxes and thought about adding some of them into fall/winter plans. It is really amazing how having something written down can really be a major step towards accomplishment. 
  • We have sewn new clothes and crafty goodness
  • camped a LOT, 
  • checked out the Laura Ingells Wilder days at a local museum,  
  • had our second annual Smith family Campout and Jamboree.
  • Attracted butterflies and grown tons of our own food,
  • Tested out some new garden strategies
  • Visited a planetarium
Currently we are working on...
  • Learning to tie shoes
  • Getting ready to use our passports
  • Sewing more clothes for the start of school 
  • Canning and freezing
  • Working on sight words
On the horizon
  • Posts about the summery goodness listed above
  • Prepping for LittleA's first day of Kindergarten
  • Running in a road race
  • Trying Henna
Looking forward to the new routines ahead of us. Looking forward to a return to this space.