Wednesday, September 01, 2010

A New Adventure

Tomorrow my LittleA heads off into the world to forge the foundation of her school based learning. 

Tomorrow is a day that will "go down on her permanent record". 

LittleA will take the giant step up onto a school bus and head a short ways down the road to participate in her first day of Kindergarten. I will stand in the driveway with my head buried in my husbands arm pit as the bus shrinks out of sight.

My little girl is apprehensive at this big big world she will venture into. Worried about missing me all day. Worried that she wont make friends. Such huge concerns for someone so small.

She will be fine. But she is not so sure of that just yet. 

I am apprehensive about letting her set sail into the great big world. A little sad about not being the center of her world. A little stingy about sharing her with others.

I will be fine too - but I am just not so sure of that yet either.

Like I often do, she has taken to romanticizing moments. She tells me that I will be there as she descends the steps, that I will scoop her up and spin her round and round as her hair blows behind her. And this may just be the one time where our notions and our reality will collide into one truth. I will scoop her up and nuzzle into her little neck and inhale deeply and try so very hard to make a permanent place for that memory in my head.

Good luck my love - be a good friend - and know that the world is so much sweeter with you in it.