Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Halloween 2010

The house was in disarray, the decorations were in shambles, the costume was changing daily, there was nary a pumpkin in sight. Seriously! Loving the schedule that school has brought but we are still adjusting. Trying to find the best times to slip off to the library, stitch something up, swish and swipe a sink or two, and all that daily hoopla that makes this the life we love. Working daily to give up on the perfect notions that exist only in my head.

So we pulled out the decorations this year and looked at the mish-mosh we had collected in past living spaces and realized that I was not in love with most of it. It had been purchased for a someday space that did not exist at the time and now it is not a fit. While browsing blogs I fell in love over at All Sorts...just look at this awesome mantle!! This was her bedroom mantle last year.
Halloween Bedroom Mantle - Source: Jenny @ ALL SORTS

Feeling inspired LittleA and I headed out to the local craft stores to see what we could put together. Here is what we created.

The crows and headstones are what I was really hoping to recreate.The headstones were at Joann fabrics and had all sorts of colorful glitter - made them less creepy for LittleA. We bought one back of webbing to stretch across the mantle and some light fixtures. The crows were tough to locate - but ended up being with the fake flowers at the craft store. I propped to one up on an upside down vase covered in web to add some height. The banner was from AC Moore last season. It is part of the vintage Martha Stewart line and I bought it post holiday...and was lucky enough to remember where I stored it. 
I spotted the walls of bats all over the blogosphere and feel terrible I cannot recall where I first saw it. I bought black card stock from the scrap book section. Then I did a google search for a bat silhouette that I liked. I printed one out and cut it exactly in half. I folded my card stock in half and traced my half a bat on the fold. The fold gives the wings some dimension. I adhered them to the wall with a tiny pieces of sticky tack. I made about 35 and that was good to make a colony of them that flew from our dining room over the mantle and up our stairs.

okay - so now I need some Thanksgiving and Christmas mantle inspiration...any ideas?

The costume this year went from Madeline to the Paper Bag Princess to.....finally.....
a fancy pickle of course...with ruby slippers!