Monday, January 24, 2011

Lunch Love - 365:13
LittleA takes her lunch in one of the Laptop lunch systems. I am a huge fan of this thing. It makes lunch packing easy and organized. The container is a good size for LittleA and it fits right inside her backpack. I have added a new sideshow on the right hand side of the blog to feature some of our packed lunches. Check out the laptop lunch box websites for all sorts of great packed lunch ideas.

One of our favorites are dubbed "dippers". We have pasta dippers (cooked noodles with a side of sauce to dip in) but our favorite is pancake dippers (cut up pancakes with a small side of syrup). So what do you like to pack? Any good clever ideas we can add?

Lunch Box Notes:
Looking through catalogs was something I liked to do as a kid and even window shopping from the couch. My mom used to get the Current catalog all the time and I was in love with the little Suzy Zoo characters. One time she order a whole set of little lunch box notes. I must have been in the second grade at the time and I LOVED looking around my spam sandwich, past the snack cake and my juice box for a little card stock note with love from home. I knew when LittleA was school bound that I wanted to carry on the tradition. And here is a collection of awesome lunch box love.

Found@: AlphaMom Creative Genius Originated@: Skip To My Lou
(also features cute template for customizing your own notes)

Super cute full colored notes with room for personal notes! 
plus check out the illustrators blog posts with lunch love.

Lunch box jokes

School themed lunch box love from Twig & Thistle

Visit Tangarang for Robot themed lunch notes.

and not to be missed Paper & Pomegranates super cute sweet lunch notes.