Wednesday, January 05, 2011 :: 1.1.11

Did you too see the FamilyFun Magazine New Year's Cheese Ball Drop? Well if you didn't pretend it looked just like this. This was our plan to get the kiddos to bed before midnight. The great Sputnik like cheese ball paraded into the living room near 8:30. It made its decent from over my head onto the coffee table where it was enjoyed by all. An interesting snack before the random dance party broke out. In case you are a DIY'er and want to give this a try...that is a head of lettuce on a can of chicken - wrapped in foil - covered with skewered cheeses.  

Hello 2011.

So here it is...a new year filled with new plans and fresh beginnings. A new camera with lots to learn...A plan for a photo a day to document this years trip 'round the sun.
I hope to most days have more then just the photo. However on days when that is all I can muster it will be guilt free. A daily creative expression.