Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Frances England - Mind of My Own

I was lucky enough to win a the Creative Family Challenge #1 contest on the Frances England website (check her "Diary" page). Do head on over and check out how clever and creative her site is.
The challenge was to find out something you didn’t know about your grandparents. Here is our submission: “My daughter brought home a classroom book that detailed how each child was given their name. My husband thought it would be fun for her to guess how he and I got our names. She took a guess and then we had her call each set of grandparents to find out the story of how they named us. Imagine my husbands surprise when his mom announced over speaker phone that he was named after her third grade crush!! All this time my husband had no idea. Thanks for this fun challenge!”
Much to my delight and surprise my entry was drawn at random from a hat and we were sent this most excellent CD. My daughter LOVES LOVES LOVES it and we have already had a few living room dance parties to the songs. These are easily enjoyed by parents as well. The music is folksy and fun. Not overly sugar coated.