Monday, January 24, 2011

WIP - Knitting 365:12 - this was one of my grandmothers knitting project keepers. Now resides in my bedroom.

With a deadline looming (a snowshoe adventure) I am trying my best to complete these Knitzi - Pickles Leg Warmers. If you check out the pattern you will see that these are supposed to be for a 4 year old. I started knitting and mussed up the gauge and next thing I knew...I was the new owner of a half finished pair of leg warmers instead of LittleA. She gets the next pair! The pattern is quite simple although I did struggle with the suggested flexible bind off. I popped into the local yarn shop for some very helpful advice and the first leg warmer is done!

This is yarn from my grandmother's stash that I love(d). I thought a cowl neck would be great to wear with a black turtleneck that I have. I started to knit this one - even bought a couple ceramic buttons to try with it. Then my husband commented that it sort of reminded him of cat puke....yeah not sure this one will get finished. I can see his point.