Thursday, February 10, 2011

Little Pickles Leg Warmers 365:2:1
This post can start my Christmas holiday wrap up... better late then never - especially because there was some really cool hand made goodness in our house this year. 

I consider myself more a sewing kind of gal versus knitting but two years ago I took a How To Make A Mitten class and found some enjoyment in the knitting and have kept coming back to it. The struggle that I have with it is in the being patient for a whole and complete project to materialize. I realized this when I read this post over on SouleMama and decided to take a moment and remind myself that there is also supposed to be joy in the activity and in the creating. The process is a part of the enjoyment as well. 

I thought a small project for my LittleA would be just the thing...something I could enjoy but that would also come together quicker then a project for me. Using my experience from my limited past projects I thought a pair of legwarmers could easily be whipped up in the here and there moments and wrapped just in time to place under the tree. A brief internet search led me to the Little Pickles Leg Warmers pattern over on Knitzi.

I dug through the stash left by my grandmother - plans to link her and my daughter with each pass of the needles. And that is where I made the wrong turn. I have decided that I am a sewer and a cook - these two places allow for freedom and experimentation and my mind knitting and baking are the other half of my brain - where I don't quite know all the rules and I need to follow directions exactly. No choosing different sized needles or substituting yarn type or increasing the size. I picked what I thought was the prefect yarn (100% cotton for color and a mohair for feel) but it turns out the cotton was too thick - a tad to bulky to be sock yarn. Figured this out about 1 inch into my project when the sweet little leg warmers made to fit a 5 year old easily slid onto my leg and looked pretty good there. I did not have the heart to rip out my just taking shape legwarmer so I continued on and made them for me instead. Finished just in time for a snowshoe trip with a verbal promise that LittleA gets the next pair.

Did I mention how fun these are to wear? They a girly and fun and super warm! Are you on ravelry? Come find me dms02. I would love to see what you are working on.