Thursday, March 24, 2011

french bread

The supper club I am a part of decided to tackle Julia Child recipes. One rule – follow the recipe to the letter of the law – no substitutions. My task was Julia Child’s French Bread. The result was amazing. 
Sculpting the bread into desirable shapes I could use some more practice in. But the taste and texture of this was really wonderful. The pieces pictured above did not make the cut for supper club - but was well loved at home.
Learning how to turn my home stove into a mock bread baking oven was something I will use again in the future (creating a steamy environment is key for French bread). The bread was topped with European butter, dipped into Julia’s Beef Bourguignon, and then for breakfast – spread with Nutella...All delicious! 

Visiting the Daring Baker’s past French bread challenge was extremely helpful in breaking down the steps and finding more valuable resources on the web. My favorite was Andrea's recipes.