Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wooden Wheels

Do you love being able to create something with your own hands? Handing someone a gift you had a part in making is such a great feeling. That being said there are some creations that are outside my realm of possibility at this time. Woodworking projects are one of those area. After spying an amazing wooden vehicle in a photo on one of my favorite blogs - I knew I had to find one for LittleA. I searched all over the internet to no avail. I was not ready to give up though. I went directly over to etsy and posted a request on alchemy. I had a few people intersted and after discussing my concept I choose a furniture maker who did an amazing -  bang up job. He brought my vision to life...the best part is he shared photos with me as the wood took new life. That way I could show littleA just how her toy was made...just for her.
I wanted a design that was slightly vague in shape...I wanted the vehicle that could, with imagination, morph from car, to truck, to camping RV, to horse trailer. The finished design does just that. The plain colored wood matches LittleA's doll house to a tee and leaves for her imagination to fill in the details.
Little did I know that when these arms gripped the package that I would see a taco food truck roll through the living room taking orders...or that our house was home to the first ever little critters mobile dental unit. I wish I had photos to share with you.

I urge you to create a one of a kind gift with some of the amazing craftsman over on etsy. Bring your idea to life even if you cannot create it with your own hands.