Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Happy Birthday LittleA

LittleA, six years ago today you made her way into this world and our lives have been all the better for it. Your energy and optimism are contagious. Your smile brightens my day. You have a style that is all your own. Happy 6th birthday to my favorite little cave kid!

Turning Six Is So Easy...Even A Cave Kid Can Do It!
We were eating dinner, most of us using our silverware...LittleA using her fingers. I inquired if she was a caveman. She laughed and said "what a fun birthday party that would be - we could all eat with our fingers" and that is how this years birthday theme was selected. Turning six is so easy even a cave kid can do it was an easy spin-off of the Geico caveman commercials.
We created a cave out of old cardboard boxes. We used duct tape and hot glue to create an igloo of sorts. We then covered the whole thing with black and brown fabrics to create a camouflage exterior. 
 Inside were bins of crayons and chalk. The party guests were invited to create cave paintings inside on the walls. The head from our old Chinese New Year birthday dragon was re-purposed as a dino for this party. LittleA created the Lincoln Log and play silk fire pit in the middle.

Guests created their own grilled cheese sandwiches at the caveman cafe. The dining table was covered in craft paper and crayons were on the table so the cave kiddos could color while waiting for their custom lunches to be grilled up.

All our cave girl guests took home a homemade animal print hair bow and a bag of rocks (jelly beans).
Our LittleA spent the day in her cave kid tunic and bone necklace that we created together. We had a great time creating with this theme. Friends made air dry clay fossils and played dinosaur egg races in the yard. And of course friends and family got in on the fun with gifts that were perfect for our little cave gal!