Tuesday, March 05, 2013


There is a lot to be said for creating. Just plain and simple without a need or real regard for the finished product. There has been a real lack of creative output over here and it has been nagging at me. So I have created a sketched out plan for myself on how to get back on the horse. Small ideas that can build into something larger. I look forward to this space providing inspiration again. As well as documenting the journey.

To shake things up in the house and get things started again a small table with crafty goodness greeted LittleA when she came home from school today. The idea was inspired from Tinkerlab's Creative Table project on istagram.
 LittleA was delighted to see this table in the middle of the living room
The table was set with a blank comic book (purchased from BareBooks) as well as a template for making the talking bubbles. There were fresh color pencils and scrap paper on hand too. The electric pencil sharpener is always fun to use as is the really good rubbery white erasers.

LittleA was eager to jump in and get creating...
I think that this #Creativetable will be a few days in the works as there is much brainstorming going on over here!