Friday, March 22, 2013

Friend journal

LittleA (as well as the grown ups over here) are really excited to visit with some dear friends tonight. These are people we love but don't always get to see so often in the bustle of daily living. 

LittleA came up with a great idea of a friend journal to help bridge the gap between visits.

We found a scrapbook that was empty and waiting for some love. We dusted off the cover and she got started. She made an introduction and some details on how she hopes it to work. One family keeps the journal until they see the others again. While you have it you document some of the fun things you have been up to. When we get together you write about what we did and then pass the journal off to the other family. It can be filled with stories and photos and hand drawn goodies. We look forward to presenting it tonight. 

What special ways do you keep up with friends and families through the bustle of life or distance of miles?

Happy weekending.

*I snapped the photo and submitted it as part of TinkerLabs #creativetable project.