Thursday, March 21, 2013

What I Did This Week

ahhh good the week is nearly over but I have been involved in some projects...just taken me till now to post about them. Here it is my week in review.

Spent some time looking at floor samples and paint chips. Breathing some new life into the very well loved and used mud room.
Monday:Made some really good progress on the Good Tree Cardigan for LittleA. This is taking such nice shape. I have added a longer bottom row so that she doesn't grow out of it so quickly. I also lengthened the collar a tad. A few more rows to go and then I can hit the sleeves up for their finishing and then it is off to weaving in and blocking. {Sharing in the Yarn Along with Ginny}
Tuesday:Had my lovely sister over for dinner this evening and we had a great time discussing her upcoming art show. We followed up dinner with some raspberry cornmeal crumble bars and a warm cup of tea. The raspberries were from our garden {they were frozen and stored from last summer} and gave a nice tart taste to the recipe. We watched what I hope to be the last of the snow come down outside the windows.
Took LittleA to a nearby library and stumbled into some wonderful books. I cannot wait to flip through them all. Then we headed off to her piano lesson...nothing like a little background music while I poured over a new to me cookbook. Here is what I checked out:

Flight Behavior - This one is for bookclub and it is off to a great start. I am enjoying the character names. Only a few pages in and it seems like it will be a good one.

Bad Pharma: How Drug Companies Mislead Doctors and Harm Patients - I heard some press for this and added it to my to read list. Was excited to see it sitting on the shelf at the library already. This is the kind of true horror story that will keep me up with non-fiction nightmares. 

HOME MADE - This is my kind of cookbook. Full of antidotes, beautiful photos, and recipes that expand upon other recipes in the book. You may start with a vinaigrette but the next page tells you 7 different ways you can play and change the original recipe. The layout and fonts are really pleasing too. I may have to buy myself a copy of this one after I try a recipe or two.

Working on some clever and crafty ideas for a woman's art/craft retreat that I am planning for me and some close friends. I am looking to create a cozy fall weekend getaway with lots of new projects to try...any good suggestions? So far I am thinking about some clay pottery, a photo hike, decorative journaling, felted soap, something with hand stitching, homemade lotion or balm, and plenty of time to chat and work on our own bring along projects. This is a trial run for me of a dream career I would love for myself - so an exciting venture of "toe dipping" to see how it all goes.

Looking forward to spending some good time with some good friends that we have not seen in a while. Dinner with family and knitting with friends.

Happy Weekending!